Photography: At The Bus Stop

Bet you all thought I’d forgotten, didn’t you?

I hadn’t. But a couple of days after I first posted about it, they started digging up the road. They finished digging it up a couple of weeks back, but I was busy with stuff at work, and other randoms stuff, and didn’t really have time to think about it. And anyway: the weather’s improving a bit. And while I do want some shots in the rain, my general preference is likely to be for sunlight. Of some kind.

Those of you wondering what the fuck I’m talking about, by the way, should go here, but the brief version is that I have a number of friends who belong to one or more subcultures that involve dressing up, and I want to do a series of photos with willing people of two shots each – one in normal clothes, the other dressed up in their finery, in identical poses at the bus stop.

I’m planning to get groups of 3-6 people in at a time – that should give me enough time to get decent photos of each person, and mean that we’ve enough space about the place for people to get changed, apply make-up, and so on.

So, for those of you interested (and if you didn’t say you were interested last time, you can always say so now), please indicate dates that you would be willing/able to lug a costume to my place in Tooting, and have a few shots taken of you, in exchange for all the tea and biscuits you can consume, and hi-res digital copies of the two resulting images.

I’ll then drop people emails trying to sort out specific dates/times/groups. I’ll probably want a range of daytime/evening/night shots.

NB: like I said last time – this is a moderately busy bus stop, on a main road. You won’t be out there in your costume very long, and it is literaly outside my front door, but still: it will be pretty public. That’s the appeal of the project – the very ordinary context. So if you’re nervous about being seen in public in the outfit you want to use, do say – we can always try and arrange a night shoot, when the street is emptier, but I would like *some* day shoots if I can…

Everyone follow that? Good. Please to be ticking the boxes.

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