Brain Freeze

I keep feeling like I want to write a long blog post about something. And Then I come to sit and write, and I have no idea what I want to write about. This is very peculiar. Theoretically, I owe Hester and Andrea a topic each, but I’m not happy with either of the pieces I’ve got half written, as one of them is just a paean to the general aceness of my various flatmates over the years (which, while it would be lovely and ego-stroking for them to read, lacks entertainment value, and besides, if they haven’t got the idea that I think they’re ace by now, there is no bloody hope) and the other basically reads “advanced theoretical physics makes my head hurt”.

I dunno what to write about. So if anyone feels like suggesting topics for me, I’ll be delighted to at least consider them. Ever wondered what I think about something that’s important to you? Well now’s your chance to watch me detonate our friendship when you discover that I think it’s a pile of rancid donkey toss!

Yeah, this really wasn’t a very useful post was it?