RestartIt’s the end of a hungover dog of a Friday, there’s a major project going live at work on Tuesday, for which I have bben hurridly coding most of the day, I’m slowly getting the hang of this Twitter business, and I’m going to spend my weekend with a small horde of people infesting my house. Again.

Spent last night out with a collection of very clever bastards getting very savagely drunk. Possibility of getting involved on the tech side of a fairly interesting project came up, and digits are duly crossed that something comes of it. The plan for tonight is a bit of shopping, in order to be able to feed the hordes when they arrive tomorrow, a bit of tidying up, some fixing of my recalcitrant printer, so I can finally make good on some prints I promised people, and decorate my new office properly (about which, almost certainly more later, as I am quite ridiculously enthused about it), and a last going over of some notes to get them into useable state before tomorrow.

Which is all by way of saying: back to blogging at again. No plan for any theme, other than the general random crap that occurs to me, but not going to limit the range of topics. Most of them won’t be what-I-had-for-breakfast shit like this, but I thought I’d start with a general state of my life on an otherwise ordinary day, just to set the scene.