Future Sheappin’

(This entry is mostly a note to self, so I can find these specific links again, and cross reference them with a slightly shoddy shopping cart system.)

While I like XKCD, it is a very hit and miss comic. It’s often cloying, trite or sentimenal, or even just a little nerd-creepy at time. But when it hits, it’s superb. I note this, because yer man there is now selling signed prints, and specifically, it’s possible to buy three of my favourites. Exploits Of A Mom, Duty Calls and Cat Proximity. Of the three, the first two are definitely going on the “buy” list, and the third is a maybe, if I have the spare cash.

If only he’d do a print of my all time favourite, the only comic strip I have ever printed out and pinned to my space at work, Goto, I’d be a very happy man indeed.

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