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Since almost everyone I have spoken to it reckons that http://photogr.aphi.st is a rubbish domain name for selling photos through (and on reflection, I am inclined to agree, on the basis that the better-punctuated http://photo.graphi.st/ is someone else’s site) I need a URL to start selling photos through at some point in the not-too-distant future. I lack inspiration, and would welcome suggestions. Anyone got any clever ideas?

And a secondary concern – do any of these prices seem wildly unreasonable:

15 quid for an unframed A4 print on good quality matte stock, 25 quid for framed.
20 quid for an unframed A4 print on good quality glossy stock, 30 quid for framed.

Frames are good quality A4 size clipframes.

P&P not included.

(In case anyone’s curious, I would recommend framed matte. Gloss looks a bit weird under glass.)

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