Links For Sunday 31st August 2008

  • Dammit. Must not buy… Must…not…buy…

    Well, maybe after christmas. Maybe.

  • Nothing exactly shocking, but y'know, it is what it is. Be interesting to see how closely the next couple of months campaigning hews to the line he lays out here.
  • In summary: The Bush administration has done things that may fuck the US intertubes. The McCain administration will also fuck those tubes. Not exactly revalatory or unexpected stuff, but if you're curious about the major political issues affecting the (US) internet, and have 15 minutes to spare, then this is a good primer on them anyway.
  •'s blog auto-poster seems to be having problems, so I'm trying this plugin as a possible fix for this. Link crossposting may be a bit wonky for a few days as I get the new system bedded in.
  • This looks like it could be seriously fascinating, in 18 months or so. The principles, certainly, represent a massive shift in the way we might use the web, and while Ubiquity is a little clunky, I'm sure better interfaces for doing exactly this sort of thing will get developed over the next few years.
  • Via Matt Jones, Jason Kottke on Fake Following, a brilliant new idea at FriendFeed that I fully expect every social network site to implement by the end of next year.
  • I would give my eyeteeth to make this conference. Sadly, there's no way work will pay for it, and even if they would, I am going to be buried in work at the point it's on. Dammit.
  • Don't agree with them all, but I'd have to admit, it's only a minority I really have to take issue with, and most of those are by people who have been dead a long time. My really big problem is that it's a bit anti-Christianity-centric, and while I know it's kind of implicit that atheism defines itself in response to theism, I think you can make a stronger argument for it without resorting to just swiping at the alternatives.
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