To Don’t

The only thing the iPhone has been missing, as far as I’m concerned is a decent To Do list application. On my desktops and laptop, I use Things, which is just about the best To Do app I’ve found. I could sing it’s praises for quite some time.

So I have been eagerly awaiting the 2.0 upgrade, and the app store, because I have been waiting for Things to be available on my phone, making it truly The Promised Phone. So after a certain amount of impatient waiting, I upgraded my iPhone at lunch, and swiftly paid the six quid for Things on my phone.

The fucking thing does not appear to sync with my Mac. It’s a completely standalone app. Sure, I now have a decent To Do app on my phone. But if I can’t keep in sync with a master list on a desktop, it’s really only going to be of limited use. Bollocks.

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