I have been limping all bloody day. It is hassle I could well do without, as it is kind of connected to the fact I am supposed to refrain from doing anything that would cause my thigh muscles on my left leg to get too much use for the next while, walking is ok, but anything strenuous is out for at week to two weeks. This in annoying, as I’d just gone up a weight step on my leg presses (I’m aiming for twice my own weight, and closing on it quite nicely), and by the time I’m back to doing them, I’ll probably be back where I was.

Slightly more pressingly on the getting lard off front, can anyone suggest to me a good means of getting 1/2 an hour’s aerobic exercise without using my legs? No, hopping while on a treadmill is not practical, you bastards. Swimming also not an option.

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