Foxes and Wildebeest

Firefox 3 is out today. I endorse this product, and as per, exhort you all to give up IE which will only give you scabies, and replace it with a proper browser. Added bonus for me – version 3 finally looks like a Mac app, which is nice, although I do not have to wait until all my extensions are upgraded before I can feel like my internet experience isn’t slightly crippled.

Dinner tonight was something I’d been looking forward to all day: wildebeest on ciabatta bread with balsamic onions and mushrooms as a sort of relish and mixed peppery leaves. Verdict: pleasant, but it turns out to be rather more delicately flavoured than I’d been lead to believe – I was told “gamey lamb with the texture of beef” , which is about right, but it kind of got swamped by the marinade, leaves and onion/mushroom not-relish thing. Too much going on. I’ve got another steak, also marinaded, but it’s too late to do anything about that now, which I’m just going to cook and eat on its own tomorrow, and see what I think then.

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