You know…

I have loved London as long as I have been old enough to hold an adult opinion of the place. I am, as far as I have politics (since I believe they’re *all* lying scum without a shred of decency, and no fucking exceptions from Gordon Brown down to the lowest councilor) a left wing hippy, so yeah, I’m not fucking happy that Twatface McBigotPants got in. Still, this is London. Bigger than him by such a margin it isn’t true.

We’ll cope. I wish things had turned out different, but we’ll get by. He’s too small, too ultimately pathetic to matter much. London is so much bigger than him, or his pathetic fucking agenda. I can’t call it politics, because politics is “of the city”, and he’s the man from fucking Henley. Fuck him. London is bigger, and we’ll be just fine.

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