The Ink Of Dreams

Never let it be said I can’t take a hint when I’m battered about the head with it. That’s the third time in a fortnight I’ve dreamed about a tattoo I’ve been planning in a vague “well, I know I want it, but there’s no great rush” way for a couple of years. I woke up this morning, looked down at my leg, and something was missing. That’s the point at which I’ve got my other tattoos in the past.

One of the reasons I’ve been putting it off a bit, though is that well, there’s fuck all for the artist to do. It’s a simple Sephiroth design, in black. (The sephira are just going to be empty circles (barring two, one which will have an X through it, and the other will be just a dashed outline) rather than being filled with colours and the paths joining will be blocks of black ink. I have a strict policy of getting monochrome tattoos.)

I kind of feel that turning up with such a geometric outline design is going to be, well, fucking boring for the artist and/or an insult to their talent. Am I just being stupid here? People who know tattoo artists better than me: are they going to hate me, or are they going to be happy with a simple job in exchange for cash? Anyone got anywhere they’d particularly recommend, or should I go with the default choice of Into You?

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