T-shirt Help

Because I am a nerd, I have an extensive collection of “funny” t-shirts. For various reasons, however, I find myself in need of a genuinely offensive shirt. Something that would actually cause people to dislike a person, purely on the basis of what they were wearing. I don’t want something ironic. I don’t want something “funny”, or the kind of thing that is trying to be offensive, but actually just makes the wearer look a bit of a prick. I’d like something that genuinely sounds like the wearer is trying to pick a fight, just by wearing it. Football shirts are not an option.

I’m not sure if it’s possible – I suspect that actually, the best I can do is “looking a bit of a prick”. But I thought I’d see if any of you were feeling inspired, first. Suggest slogans, or provide links to existing shirts, if you happen to know of anything that really is so massively offensive it can’t be taken merely as evidence of a crap sense of humour.

Edit: I would prefer to avoid racism, if I possibly can. I’m trying for “pick a fight with the world” not “espouse specific repugnant ideology” if that makes sense.

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