RIP Rory Root

99% of you will have no idea who this man was. I only met him once at a convention, for about ten minutes, (during which time he sold me three excellent graphic novels I had never heard of) and haven’t had even passing internet-contact with him in years. But he was one of the good guys, as testified to by the fact that just about everyone I know involved with comics in any way is making a post memorialising him, and like a couple of people have said, for someone I barely knew, I find myself remarkably saddened to hear of his passing.

Rory was the owner of what must be a very serious contender for the title “Best Comic Shop In The World”, Comic Relief in Berkley – I popped in there on a visit to San Francisco a few years back, and even for someone spoiled by the likes of Gosh! in London, it was obvious they couldn’t hold a candle to his operation, and not just in terms of size.

He was a tireless cheerleader for excellent comics of any kind and the medium will be poorer for the lack of him. All the best, Rory.

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