Free Advice To Tattoo Artists

If you have a studio, with a website, or even just a sign on your door, or really, anywhere that lists your opening times, then you would be well advised to make sure your studio is open at something close to those times. And at the very least, if it isn’t, you might stick a sign in your window to explain that.

Living Image in Greenwich don’t seem to feel they need to bother with such basics as that, the dozy fuckers. I showed up there at 1pm, an hour after their listed opening time (on both the website and the door) and they were shut. “Fair enough” I thought. “Maybe the trains are being a bastard, and they’ll be along in a bit.” So I waited about for a bit, encountering 2 lads who, like me, were along to book an appointment, and one slightly addled chap who said he’d popped along to get a barcode done. Or may just have been high. He certainly admit to serious drug use when younger, and I’m not entirely sure he’d given them up.

Alarmed by the slightly addled chap who would not stop talking to me, I decided I go and get lunch, and then pop back, hoping that he’d be gone, and they’d be open. A fryup and a pint later, I returned at about 3 pm. He was gone, buy they were still shut. So I fucked off to Into You, instead, where I now have an appointment for Tuesday 24th June. (Must book afternoon off.)

All in all, not terribly impressive – that’s two hours out of my day they wasted by not having any sort of sign anywhere obvious that they were going to be closed today. Still, they lost my business, and that of at least two, possibly three, other people today, so I guess what goes around comes around.

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