My Computer Cheats At Backgammon

So, one of the things I’ve been trying to do recently is improve my backgammon game, to which end I have downloaded a backgammon game for the Mac. And it’s been working, in a frustrating kind of way. But I have been forced to conclude that the fucking things cheats. I can even provide pictorial evidence. Here is the position as we got into the endgame of the match I have just played.

I was playing the darker brown. Those of you who play backgammon might conclude that I was in a pretty strong position, there. Not perfect, but enough that at that point, I was pretty sure I had the game in the bag. But no.

I did not, in playing out the close of the game, at any point, make any stupid mistakes – at no point was there anything exposed that would have allowed the computer to hit any of my pieces. No, I just had to sit there and watch as out of the remaining ten or so turns left in the match, the fucking thing rolled 6 doubles, while I couldn’t seem to roll anything higher than a three for the duration.

This isn’t an isolated incident, either. Something like this almost always happens. Bastard thing. I’m going back to the Royal Game of Ur. I was good at that.

I’m going to bed to sulk now. Night, all.

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