Someone asked me a while back why my journal has basically stopped being any sort of reflection my personal life, and basically been replaced with linklogs and content crossposted from my other blog(s) and a the odd mention of some specific aspect, like work being mad, or briefly arranging some social thing.

The answer is simple. Because I don’t really feel the need to keep a precise diary, and a lot of the time, I think that that sort of thing is quite boring. You don’t need to know what I had for breakfast, or how my experiments in eating fish are going, or what my co-workers did last week. There are more interesting things out there.

But I stand in awe of one sterling chap of my acquaintance, who has come up with a way to make narrating a diaristic sort of livejournal about forty times more interesting, with his State Of The Republic Address. I’m sure a lot of you have seen it already, by even if you don’t know the chap, it’s worth a read, if only so you can see a really good example of how to make a diary-type journal something that other people might actually enjoy reading.

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