It’s Over!

So, as most of you know, I’m an RPG nerd. Not, y’know, as much as I was a teenager, but still – I’m an RPG nerd. I had a few years break a while back, but then, on a whim, I got a group of friends together, and started running a game of White Wolf’s old game, Mage. I came up with a plot that I thought would take about a year or so to play, assuming a three to four hour session every other weekend – a game based on a gnostic murder mystery and a series of conspiracies and mad bastards as old as the human race. As it turns out, I was a little off in my estimation.

Tonight, three and half years later, playing more or less every other weekend, we finally finished that game, and it went exactly as I might have wished. The players saved the world against impossible odds, and in the end it all came down to one final roll of the dice – either they would triumph, or they would perish, and triumph they did.

It seemed appropriate to mark it. Three and a half years. I’ve had important relationships that didn’t last that long. :)

So, thank you to everyone who has ever taken part in it – [info]marysiak, Danni, [info]wmute, [info]tintintin, [info]cairmen, [info]tyrell and most especially to [info]burge, [info]stu_n, [info]chrisisiddall and [info]anw.

And in two weeks time, we start something new. Thanks, guys.

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