I was trying to do one of those year-in-review memes that’re traditional at this time of year, but it turns out that really nothing interesting happened to me this year. I took up, and gave up, rollerblading. Work was busy, and is going to get busier in the first few months of next year. My friends and loved ones were ace, as always. I met some cool new people. I didn’t do enough photography. Nothing momentous really feels like it happened.

Looking ahead to 2008, well, I’m about to be very busy with work, which is kind of obscuring everything else – until that settles down to whatever it’s new level turns out to be (I hope around May) I’m not really thinking of much else. I’ll be single again in April, which is depressing, but I’ve had plenty of time to come to terms with that. I’d like to keep up the gym going I’ve managed to re-establish. My Dad’s 60th is coming up. A number of friends and family have recently spawned/are due to spawn in the next few months which is nice for them.

I guess it’s kind of indicative of the general flatness of 2007 and the start of 2008 that I can see that I really don’t feel like marking the new year terribly much, which is unusual for me. Now, the last time I asked for exciting surprises around this time of year, everything went tits up on me over the course of the next year, so I shall refrain from doing that, but it’d be nice if 2008 brought a few significant and ace things to remember for me personally, because I don’t think 2007 did.

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