Two Roads

Two Roads

Possibly the single best thing about attending FOWA this week has been the chance to travel on the DLR, because given the time of year, I was on it in more or less the golden hour. The DLR offers views on London you’re going to get from anywhere else, and crucially, the construction of the trains is such that you can sit up the front as a passenger and look ahead. There is no driver.

(Aside: I got a load of funny looks from people, as I sat there with my camera out, snapping shots out the front and sides of the train. It must be terrible for the DLR to be enough of a regular commute that it looses that magic. Or to never see it in the first place.)

So here’s the first of few slightly imperfect shots, marred by the dirt on train windows. So what if they’re a little flawed. They’re still a little slice of London that I don’t often see.

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