I was going to write something about Bloodspell, the feature edit of which is now available from the Bloodspell website, but I find that Charlie Stross, renowned clever bastard and author has rather beaten me to it. This is the bit that rather got at the hairs on the back of my neck as a thing that is both true, and not something I’d considered up to this point:

“And remember: this isn’t about to replace Hollywood tomorrow, but if Marvel and DC Comics aren’t feeling the chill wind down the back of their neck, they’re asleep at the switch. Because as streaming internet media players become ubiquitous, this sort of thing — cheap, fast and out of control — could very well be the future of mobile entertainment.”

I do still intend to write something of my own about Bloodspell, but I thought it was worth quoting that here, while I try and find the time to get my own thoughts together.

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