Not reading back

Have been offline for four days now. The shakes on the third day were the worst part, but I got through it. Anyway, I don’t propose to read back more than my current 50 post friends page, so if there’s anything you need me to know or care about on LJ since last Wednesday night, please leave a comment directing me to it.

In unrelated news, my god, wasn’t the ending of Dr Who fucking awful? They were doing really bloody well for a season closer – “Utopia” and “The Sound of Drums” were astonishingly good for RTD-penned episodes (helped especially by John Simm) and even the first 20 minutes of “Last of the Timelords” was pretty reasonable. And then it just turned into the biggest heap of steaming shit I’ve seen out of modern-era Dr Who. Worse than the ending of the first season, which I really thought was where they hit bottom.

Anyone want to bet against Sea Devils being the big re-vamped villain for next season, by the way?

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