Let this be a lesson to you, meme posting bastards

So, there was a tedious meme that did the rounds a while back, where you got some kind of pointless graph across several unrelated axes based on who you claimed to have dated. It plainly had *no* value, or means of deriving the info it claimed to from the questions it asked.

But now they’ve made the data they gathered public, to demonstrate how easy it is to get people to give up personal info.


I note with amusement that surprisetruck claims to have dated me.

Just in case, given the number of people I know who fell for this:

You know those memes that calculate your porn star name, or your celebrity name, or things like that? Based on things like the town you were born in, or the street you lived in? Or your mother’s maiden name? What possible uses can you think of for that data?

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