Book And Albums Reviews: Weeks 16-20

No reviews. Too far behind. Just a quick listing to bring me up to the end of this wek, so I can try and get back to things next week.


Necropolis: London and Its Dead – A history of the what London has done with its dead down the centuries.
Autopsyrotica – Chad Ward is a twisted mind, but his photography is some of my favourite.
Working Stiff – The autobiography of a man who wound up working for as a sexual adventurer,
Powder – fictional rock band story, one from Dave when he moved away.


Arcade Fire – Funeral and Arcade Fire – Neon Bible – Late to the party. I did give em a while when everyone was raving about Funeral last year, but wasn’t grabbed. I like them rather more now, and these are definitely growing on me.
Artemis – Undone. Pleasant enough trip hoppy stuff.
Tiger Lillies – Punch and Judy – I like them. Other people find them ear bleeding torture. Obviously, they are wrong.

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