Is a bloody good film. I couldn’t stop thinking of a quote from Alan Moore as I was watching it:

“We parade with the magicians on the endless plazas of the sun and watch them trail gem-warted fingers through six-thousand degrees centigrade degrees of photosphere. We walk there at their side, become them are them. Are at last our true and only selves. We flourish, we ignite. And as with each, so with us all. So with our culture and our world where information brinks its saturation threshold, and we all look up in that white moment when the sky unwraps, and the unfiltered truth of us rains blazing down; a searing holy deluge where those parts of us we’ve not yet turned to gold are utterly devoured, are made incinerate.”

That’s Moore talking about heaven. About glory. About the ultimate human achievement. And that’s what the film is about. And Sunshine isn’t perfect, but I love the theme, and I really, really enjoyed it. Seriously, go see it.

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