Diseased Marketing

My absurdly hardworking chum Alex de Campi has just been rather badly shafted my a marketing agency. You can read the full story of how Moodia and BoggleIt.com shafted a bunch of hard working people for yourself.

I personally find this particularly disgusting, because Alex, being the terribly conscientious person that she is, is determined to pay the people she worked with, even though she wasn’t paid herself. To which end she’s selling a prized painting, by one of my favourite artists, Wright of Derby. I can only imagine how heartbreaking that must be. If I could afford the damn thing, I’d buy it myself.

I mention this so that everyone is aware that Moodia are a bunch of cunts, and BoggleIt.com are a shitpot operation that appear to exist only to scam the terminally stupid. It’s among the most contemptible practices of my industry, this notion that it’s OK to not pay freelancers if for some reason, you don’t like their work. I’m pleased to say that I have never, and would never work for someone who did that. If a freelancer does the work, they get the fucking money. If you were worried about the standard of their work, you should not have commissioned them in the first place.

I’m also willing to bet hard cash that Moodia will have charged BoggleIt.com for the “account handling” time incurred in the commerical that they don’t like, and haven’t paid for.

<a href="http://www.alexdecampi.com/2007/04/boggleit-saga-when-in-doubt-shaft">Moodia</a> are a bunch of cunts, and <a href="http://www.alexdecampi.com/2007/04/boggleit-saga-when-in-doubt-shaft">BoggleIt.com</a> are a shitpot operation that appear to exist only to scam the terminally stupid. <a href="http://alexdecampi.livejournal.com/64695.html">Here's the full story about how they shaft talented hardworking freelancers</a>.

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