Book and Album reviews: Week 11

Book: Lucifer: Evensong by Mike Carey et al.

The epilogue volume to Mike Carey’s very fine series about the fallen angel, now sadly at an end. If you’ve never read the series, then I urge you to pick up the first volume, because I’m pretty sure you’ll find yourself hooked. I like it considerable more that I liked it’s parent series, Sandman, and I thoroughly enjoyed Sandman.

Lucifer, perhaps unsurprisingly, is a series about family. I find it amusing that the series main theme – Lucifer’s struggle to define himself on his own terms rather than terms that relate to his creator, is to some extent mirrored in this book’s genesis – spinning off from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, a meandering series with a terribly passive protagonist, this series is almost the polar opposite – Lucifer is too focused and direct to do other than move from point A to point B in the most linear manner he can. Where the Sandman was about the how the protagonist reacted to his changing situation, Lucifer is about how others react to the changes caused by the protagonist’s actions. I like the latter substantially more.

I don’t really want to talk too much about the events of the series, because I wouldn’t want to spoil it for those that haven’t yet read it. Taken as a whole, the series is the single best thing I’ve reviewed so far this year, and I strongly urge you to give it a go.

Album Gorillaz by Gorillaz

Yeah, I’m the last person on earth to buy this. I know. Still not sure what I’d call it. Indie-dub? Well, when it’s good (the tracks everyone knows – “Clint Eastwood” “19-2000” a few others) it’s very, very good. Otherwise, it’s perfectly entertaining, but when I see the heights that the they can hit, I do wonder why they bothered to include the merely adequate. I can’t be bothered with anything longer here, I’m afraid – I’m sure you’ve all already made your own minds up.

In Other News: Ageing Disgracefully

On Sunday, I turn 30. If you’ve been enjoying these series of short reviews of stuff, you might take the excuse to stop by my wishlist, and buy me something you’d like to see reviewed here. It’ll help me get over the terrible shock of ageing, too.

No, I have no shame. Why do you ask?

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