[Book And Album Reviews] Week 5

This week’s book: Wall and Piece by Banksy

I keep meaning to write something about Banksy for Black Ink, but I haven’t got around to it yet. So, this is his book. Well, you know what to expect. A load of photos of graffiti and other acts of “vandalism”. Some of it is quite witty. Look you know who he is. You either like him, or you don’t. If you like his work, this is a nice book.

This week’s music: Memento Mori by The Bastard Faries
A friend recommended this at the start of the week. It is available in it’s entirety for free at the link above. They sort of feel like what you’d get if you crossed The Paradise Motel with The Dresden Dolls. Yes, I know that almost all of you are saying “who?” to one, if not both of those bands. The deficiency is in you, not me, that’s all I’m saying.

Look, you can get the whole album for free. I think it’s quite good, especially for a free thing. Download it yourself, and make you own mind up.

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