This Is How It Ends

This Is How It Ends

Sheone is the adopted name of a London graffiti artist who has been working for 20-odd years. The had an exhibition on this week in a building on the South Bank that is scheduled for demolition tomorrow. So I went along to see. There was no particular structure to the exhibition, but this was certainly the piece that caught my attention first.

Graffiti is one of the few art forms that I think it acceptable to photograph – there’s a technical challenge in reproducing it to capture (or subvert) the spirit of the original piece, choices to be made about how much of the original context to include or not, there’s a certain documentary concern, and so on, that make photographing it different to taking a picture of something that was made to hang in a gallery. I’m not trying to claim the artist’s work as my own, simply trying to be inspired by and respond to it.

So that’s my justification for putting pictures of someone else’s work online, anyway.

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