On Twitter

But this both here and on my workblog, because well, it’s social media, and professionally relevant, but it’s also something I’d like more of my friends to use.

I’ve been playing with Twitter for a while now, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I really like it, for two reasons.

It is the single simplest way I have to put a quick note somewhere I know I’ll find it later on. The post via SMS function (which I know most blogs have, but I don’t want that sort of content on a blog) allow me to note things I want to see/do/buy/read or whatever, wherever I am.

But more than that – I like the way that when my friends on there update, I get an unobtrusive little notification in my IM client. (Which reminds me: GTalk users can find me at the predictable [firstname].[surname]@gmail.com). It’s a nice, effortless way of hearing from them, especially those I don’t see very often. It promotes a surprising sense of connectedness. I don’t just hear about what they’re worrying about, or what they think is worth writing a couple of hundred words over. I get little details that I would otherwise go unremarked, except perhaps over a pint. And because it’s not something I have to seek out, I don’t find myself bored hearing about what they’re having for lunch, or whatever.

So go on, sign up. You might find you like it.

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