Well, arse.

So, I won’t be in Edinburgh before Christmas. Bollocks. There’s just no way to do it in an affordable manner that doesn’t involve hellish travel, a much shorter stay than I’d like, or risking my mother never speaking to me again if I miss the family Christmas in Belfast because a ferry gets cancelled, or anything like that. I’d rather try and come up for a decent length of time early next year.

So, instead I shall spend the week before Christmas kicking about London, camera in hand.

Weather permitting, I quite fancy doing at least one straight derivĂ© – pick somewhere around say zone 2, plonk a glass on a map at random, draw round it, and follow the line as best as the roads/public spaces permit, something like that. Apart from that, and the the Slides at the Tate, what else should I go take pictures of? And does anyone fancy coming with me?

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