So, I finally got around to a ten minute play with that myspacks account that I signed up for ages back, on a vaguely multimedia whim. I’ll say this: for a website that’s so clearly stalled in 1999, they do make the multimedia stuff easy…

Should any of you be so inclined, I’m at – do please let me know where I can find you if you’re on there, so I look like a bit less of a billy no mates.

Secondly, and this one is important: why have I not seen it more widely shouted about that it *is* possible to stop other people’s tedious musical drivel from starting up just because you happen to stumble across their myspace page? anw and I were kvetching about this very thing the other night…

(You need to sign up for an account, and then it’s in the “Music settings” part of the “Account settings” system, should anyone not know about it, and be as annoyed as I am with the bloody stuff. Yeah, you do need to be logged in, but it’s not exactly a hardship…)

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