My goodness, I feel rubbish. That’ll be the drink, then. Two months off it come January, though.

In other news: I have done the slides at the Tate Modern. I am now convinced that yes, they absolutely are Art, and that really anyone talking about how modern art is rubbish, and not really art at all, is just in dire need of a really big slap. Importantly, they are also a lot of Fun.

The Tate Modern’s bookshop proved the terrible trap I knew it would be, but in the end, I got out only spending a tenner, even if there are a few new new books of photography on my Amazon wishlist. Also, the Proud Galleries “Best Of” exhibition is marvellous as well, and I would like credit for not spending several thousand pounds on two or three prints.

Now, I must have food, and possibly some more sleep.

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