12:45 – Restate My Assumptions

The Lost Cocteau Twins Album

No, it’s not the cover of a lost Cocteau Twins album.

I may annoy a few of you with the next shot or two, as I go wandering off into the realms of abstract photography for a bit. My apologies – I’ve a conventional portrait of my Dad coming up afterward, just to reassure you all, and possibly answer some of the questions about where I get my looks from.

I don’t normally talk too much about my thoughts and feelings around an image – I like to let people work out what I’m saying, but I think I probably ought to make it a little clearer with this sequence, which are about how I respond to the beauty of nature. I’m firmly with Richard Dawkins, here – “Unweaving the Rainbow” does not destroy it’s majesty, and the more one understands of the scientific process behind the natural world, the more impressive it is. That’s the point of view that gave me the inspiration for these shots.

On the technical side, well, while this image, and the any that follow it are not as strictly composed as my normal work, you’d be mistaken if you thought that all I did was whirl the camera around at random while on a long exposure to get them. As you can probably see, there are three distinct elements to this that the camera was moved in relation to for different periods of time. I didn’t know exactly what the final shot would look like, but I did have some sense of the elements image I wanted to produce.

I’d love to know what you think of them…

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