Vote for Me!

Or at least, one of my photos!

I’ve entered one of my photos to be part of jpeg magazine‘s “Embrace the Blur” feature.

I mention this when it’s normally the sort of thing I feel very awkward doing, because if it gets in the mag, not only do I get a subscription to the magazine (which I’d like), but also 100 dollars (which I will donate to charity), and, mostly importantly, a lensbaby. Which I would really, really like.

If you go here, you’ll have the opportunity to vote for my shot, which will increase my chances of getting in. You will have to register to make your vote stick, but it takes all of two seconds and there’s no spam risk – these are blog type people, and hate spam just as much as you do.

If you’ve got five spare minutes, please go along and vote for me – voting closes in 4 days, so I have some ground to make up, here.

You’ll be helping me out. And more importantly, you’ll be doing a bit of work for charidee, which will allow you to feel good about yourself for the christmas period.

Thanks, folks.

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