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Jhayne Holmes (porphyre) is one of the more interesting strangers on my friends list, and she would like your help.

She’s found an old theatre for sale in Vancouver, a place where acts like Neil Young and Sonic Youth once played. She wants to re-open it as an artistic space – a place for theatre, and cinema and music, a place for art of any kind. As she says:

Imagine buying a space and starting your own theatre, or your own art gallery, or your own movie theatre, or your own music hall. Imagine being able to host performances of all sorts- giving your creative friends space to perform or exhibit their work. I’ve got friends who are dancers and painters and lighting designers and actors and directors and writers and photographers and cinematographers… it would be amazing to give them a space to create what they dream of, to be seen, heard, and appreciated.

You can find out more here:

She has three weeks to raise a million dollars. Please, if you can: help. Donate a token amount, if that’s all you can think of to do (like I have). If you’re able to help in some other way, do that. She’s trying to create the kind of space that’s hard to come by, the sort of place that there should be more of. It’s the sort of place I’d love to run myself in London. Please: send the link around. Talk about this attempt. Tell people about it, and tell them to help, too.

(Donate a token amount anyway – you’d do it for charity, and this is Art, and deserves your support every bit as much, and that’s a hell of a target she’s aiming for.)

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