God Bless The Electric Internet!

Yeah, I know what the rest of you are thinking. “God, he’s off being all starry-eyed about something really basic like having Broadband again, isn’t he?”

Yes, I am. Up Yours.

I have a long fucking last, got a photo from the Sultan’s Elephant that I like. I got the tools to get it right off the internet – some clever bastard’s script achieving exactly the effect I’m not good enough to get with PotatoShop myself. While I was getting them installed, and fiddling with various settings to fine tune the effect, I was also downloading an album called “Beast Moans” by an outfit called Swan Lake off Emusic. warren_ellis bunged an mp3 up, this massive tsunami of reverb and echo, guitars and strange chimes, just made for my mood right now, sitting here.

I love the fact that I can get a whole album of perfect mood music, on a whim, completely legally, in less time than it takes to make a slice of toast, without leaving the house. I can do it while I finally crack a bit of work that’s been bugging me since May. I love the fact that it cost about a quid to do it. Suddenly, music is a disposable consumer experience – a thing to be had for the price of a coffee.

A thought to come back to tomorrow, I think – I know I’ve got a lot more to write on that topic, beyond my “oo, isn’t that neat” reaction, but bed is calling.

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