I was pillaging Emusic earlier…

When I realised that it’s been a long while I listened to Lush. Used to have them on cassette, never got around to getting CDs. All Emusic’ve got is the 2001 “Best Of” album, but it’ll do for right now…

And I’m parked at my desk, bored out of my mind fighting with yet another bloody spreadsheet. Trapped in a fucking New Town on the river between Chelsea and Wandsworth. Autumn has muscled its damp and miserable way in, seemingly overnight. The sky out the window behind me is a dishwater grey, throwing insipid spatters of dirty rain down, the Thames is reflecting it all back like a ribbon of apathy, and all buildings around here are the identikit modern flats they’re throwing up along the riverside.

And yet:

“Let’s run away and be so alive
Escape the drudgery of this nine to five
Shake, baby, shake, you know I can fit you in my arms”

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