Cannibal Zombie Prom

Cannibal Zombie Prom

I went to the London Roller Girls halloween bash the other night. Here’s the first of a few photos. If, at any point, I start wailing in public about how basically bloody awful they are, please slap me. I have to keep repeating to myself that they’re not bad, give the conditions, and that I’m not going to improve unless I practice. Also, I really need to get a diffuser dome.

The rest will follow in dribs and drabs, as I have time to process them. (I’ve done five tonight, it’s take me two and a half hours, and I want to revisit two of them, because I’m not quite happy with the results.)

Should any of the people in the photos be pointed this way, and like the results, I’m happy to supply the full res versions of anything I put on line (or take down anything you don’t want on-line), and I’ll let Chris know when the full set (however many that turns out to be) is available on flickr.

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