Falling Short Of Genius

Falling Short Of Genius

I would give an awful lot for a chance to go back and re-shoot this. I just need to get the light off that “S”, and the reflected chair out of the top left. That’s all. Two tiny changes, and I’d be a happy, happy man. And maybe change the exposure slightly, so the rip of the left glass isn’t quite so lost in the head. And perhaps try and get the table not to reflect the ceiling dots quite so much. And maybe tweak the composition so it’s a better portrait shape, rather than the tall and narrow thing it is…

And, and, and…

Yeah. Sorry. That’s what happens when the idea strikes, but you don’t want to make an arse of yourself farting around for twenty minutes in a public bar, taking photos that will only amuse yourself.

I post this as a reminder to myself: take your bloody time.

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