A few little things…

Saw “An Inconvenient Truth” at the weekend.

Everyone’s been saying “wow, this is a really important film”. It is. Go and see it. If you’re halfway aware of environmental issues, you’ll probably know just how fucked we are anyway, but still, go see it – it’s got some interesting trivia (but by no means trivial) items that are very sobering examples, and might be of use to you in trying to articulate how fucked we are. And issues aside it’s really quite interesting to see what kind of man Al Gore is, and to think about what we might have had, if Bush hadn’t stolen the white house.

If you’re not aware of environmental issues, then you absolutely have to see this movie. If you’re uncertain about anything to do with climate change, global warming, and what needs to be done or what can be done, then go. Now.

Yeah, I know: everyone you know who has seen the movie has said something like this. Fucking Kool-aid drinkers, the lot of us. Swayed by propaganda. Gore’s just pushing his angle, same as the other side of the debate does theirs.

If you are thinking thoughts like that, then I’d ask you to please leave the planet now via your preferred exit. The rest of us would like to survive the next fifty years or so, and you’re in the way.

Go and see the film.

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