Soundtrack meme…

Opening Credits
Alan Moore – Syon
Evidentally, the story of my life is a mentalist art house thing, if it’s going to open with a ten minute mediation on transcendence.

(Edit, post finishing: Yes. When they come to make the movie of my life, I will have apparently been mostly all fucked up on drugs. It’s skewed Crusty where Trainspotting went Dance, I think. Either way, this is all a bit fucked up, and I would like to get it cast now, in the hope that they can go and live it so I don’t have to.)

Waking Up
The Breeders – New Year
Between the credits and this, I start to feel like this movies is opening where others would normally end. Moore ends talking about Aurthur Machen staring into a brilliant light, and this opens with “We have come for light”. And has a stomping “I am the sun, I am the rain, I am the new year” chorus.

An Ordinary Day
Lipkandy – Crashing Like Cars
“We’re crashing like cars/Burning up like superstars”.
Hmmm. Ordinary days are pretty fucking good, if, well, dangerous. It’s a song about the line between hedonism and burnout.

Falling in Love
Menlo Park – Big Black Smoke
A Kinks cover. A nasty sleasy tale of a country girl coming to the city, and being seduced by drugs and partying, and generally wrecking herself…

The Rumble
Carter USM – Let’s Get Tattoos
The fight seems strangely upbeat, take-on-world-and-win stuff.

The Break-Up
Skeletonbreath – Surf Music (pt 1)
An instrumental, and a speedy hallucinatory sounding one at that.

Getting Back Together
The Pogues – Honky Tonk Women
“I just can’t seem to drink you off my mind…”

Life is Good Montage
The Levellers – The Last Man Alive
It’s erm, uptempo, I guess. Same sort of vibe as Carter, I guess.

The Breakdown
Hole – Awful
“They know how to break all the girls like you/And they rob the souls of the girls like you”
This has the sound of an angry breakdown to me. A “I’m going to fuck something up very badly” sort of snap…

Reverend Horton Heat – New York City Girls
Wandering City Streets at night time. Neon and pretty people, but not a lot else.

The Flashback
Tom Waits – Cold Water
“Some men are searchin forthe holy grail/but there ain’t nothin sweeter than ridin the rails”.
This is both a searching song, and a comedown blues. This is the hangover from a truly epic stint of something, dawn cracking your eyelids open on a part bench, and you wondering who the fuck you are…

The Party
Skeletonbreath – The Maus.Leum
Another (slow paced) hallucinatory instrumental. Strange fucking party.

The Dance Break
Flipron – Hungamunga
A tango about being chased by angry pensioners. Well, at least it’s danceable, if clearly on the bad drugs. Like about two thirds of this movie, as fas as I can see.

The Paradise Motel – Other Things
“Visions too demanding to heed your call/From this view the days stretch out before and behind”
This has the sound of coming down from the strong hallucinogens.

The Long Night
The Cocteau Twins – Pitch The Baby
Erm, yes. More drugs, clearly.

A Death
Warren Zevon – Ain’t That Pretty At All
“Well, I’ve seen all there is to see/And I’ve heard all they have to say/I’ve done everything I wanted to do…” + “I’d rather feel bad than not feel anything at all”.
Somehow, I think this one’s about *not* dying. Rejection of death.

End Credits
PWEI – Wise Up! Sucker
“I’m freaking and you couldn’t care less/I’ve got the deep-down crazies/Tring to get my head ’round this mess”
Well, yes, I kind of have, to be honest.

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