Final Reminder

Tonight, Jason Webley is playing South London Pacific. If you get there before 9, it will only cost you a fiver to get in, for an evening of cocktails and cabaret. (I’m planning on getting there at about 7:30/8-ish). There’s a happy hour before ten, so you can enjoy cheap tiki drinks, too.

I’m sure you’re all sick of me reminding you about this, but really, this is important to me. I won’t do the usual spiel about Jason’s act, and how good it is – you’ve all heard it. Instead, I will just reiterate that Jason’s a really first class guy, and I would like him to have a really good gig in London at long last. So please, come along if you can. It’ll be a different sort of night out, and I will, in all seriousness, refund your cost of entry if you get there before nine, and don’t enjoy his act.

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