All Change (A Bit Of Work For Charidee)

Clubbing last night crystalised a few things for me, specifically about how fucking awful my lifestyle has become. What was planned as a short break from a more strict lifestyle (and I know there are any number of people who would collapse laughing if they heard me refer to my lifestyle at any point as “strict”, but these things are all relative) to relieve stress has done that, but has turned back into lazy fat-bastardism. So, time for a few lifestyle changes, or at least changes back.

More exercise, healthier habits, and a bit more clubbing.

But that’s not the point of this post.

While I’m changing things, there’s another change I’ve been havering about, and it’s time to do something about it. And one of the best reasons to do it is that frankly, I’m fucking scared to.

It’s this: get a haircut. Specifically, in the first instance: shave my head. I may grow it out a bit if I decide I look awful shaven-headed, but I need to ditch the long locks. I can see thirty looming up before me, and I always swore I wasn’t going to have long hair out of my twenties.

I’ve had shoulder length or longer hair for over ten years. For my entire adult life. You can probably understand how the prospect of ditching it might frighten me a little. So I’m going to bolster my courage, by attaching a bigger cause to it, rather than just saving my own dignity. I’ll do it for charity. Plenty of other idiots have raised money in this manner before so I figure I’ll do the same. The charity in question is the British Heart Foundation.

So, I’m looking for pledges of donations. I’ll sort out collecting the cash after the fact, either via Paypal or in person, but right now, I’m looking for you to give me your pledge, either in a comment, or if you prefer to be discrete about these things, in this poll what only I can see the responses to.

Please folks, donate whatever you can spare. It’s for an excellent cause, and if that’s not enough, you’ll be doing me a favour, helping me do something that scares me.


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