Routine reminder:

If you surf the web using IE, you deserve everything you get.

Here’s the latest hack. I’m pretty sure that had I received the email, there’s a reasonable chance I’d have fallen for it, and I’m a well trained IT professional who is used to ignoring spam and invitations to get my computer fucked by a stranger. And, were my default browser not Firefox, I’d still have wound up with something on my machine, recording my credit card numbers and passwords.

Go now, and get Firefox – there is nothing IE does that it will not do, and probably better. And switch your email client to Thunderbird, too. If you are about to say something like “But they insist on it at work”, then a) ignore them, and install something safe, or b) print this out, and hand it to your head of IT.

This has been a public health warning. Thank you for listening. I will now be checking to see how many of you are looking at this page in IE. And then I will hurt you with hammers.

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