How I Know God Loves Me…

It is nearly the close of a lazy Sunday. I have put in some time on World of Warcraft, I have done a bit of writing, and a little coding – enough to make me feel like I have acheived a few things, even if some of it is only in a virtual world. I have eaten quite a lot of excellent bacon, too (because I bought a lot from the Really Good Butchers Downstairs yesterday) and that’s always satisfying. I have a DVD full of Boston Legal to watch. And I don’t have to get up tomorrow, because I don’t start work until Wednesday.

All of this is pretty good stuff, but it’s not how I know that god loves me.

I’ve been sitting here, reflecting on that fact that all this is very lovely, but what I really want is some cold beer, and alas, I have no spare cash. But, as I was about to put an old pair of jeans into the laundry hamper, I discovered a fiver I’d forgotten about. And thus it was made manifest: I am one of God’s Very Special Children.

So I’m going to go and buy something nice and cold and watch William Shatner being lordly all night. I shall see you all tomorrow.

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