Links For Friday 6th January 2006

  • Old news to everyone, just a reminder to myself to get this site upgraded when I get a spare minute.

    (tags: blogging)

  • Almost certainly not going to be any good for actual photography, but it looks like it might be a cheap and fun toy.

  • Dan Hill of City of Sound on the future of music, from the industry to the experience. Long, but very good.

    (tags: music)

  • A one day conference in London at the start of February, with some seriously interesting speakers. God, I want to go to this. Anyone spare me 100 quid?

    (tags: web_culture)

  • I had been planning to give this move a miss, because frankly, I know too many deeply annoying people who’ve been making squeeky noises about the fact that there’s a movie featuring boys kissing, and while I appreciate that it’s an important step for Holywood, it’s not something I find particularly remarkable, or interesting of itself. But Coates’ review has more or less singlehandedly changed my mind, and I’ll probably give it a look.

  • Nothing terribly revalatory in here, but there’s a few nice turns of phrase and a couple of interesting and new perspectives on some old stuff.

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