What’ve I been doing lately?

Well, it’s December, so obviously, it’s time for the heavy drinking again. Spent the first part of Thursday night at Albertine in Sheperd’s Bush. Bit full of BBC types, but after three quarters of a bottle of Australian red (the name of which escapes me, which is annoying, because I’d happily buy it again) I cared a lot less. Might try and get back there – the wine list looked interesting, and the food sounded like it’d go well with the wine…

Quiet night in Friday night, and then out for drinks with davebushe, daveman23 and seanazz last night, which were just what the doctor ordered, I think. Sadly, the slight hangover combined with the first trip to the gym in a couple of weeks has left me more or less unable to move.

I rewatched the first episode of The Prisoner this morning. It’s dated very strangely, that show – it’s unmistakably of a certain era, but because of the very stilted and stylised atmosphere in the village, it gets away with it surprisingly well, and it sort of feels like the sixites/seventies decor is just another part of the strangeness of the setting, rather than a sign of aging. Why do I suspect that the upcoming remake won’t be half so clever?

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