My Brains, They Are Loathsome

I have had a very pleasant and relaxing weekend. Just what the doctor ordered. Many thanks to all the lovely humans that helped me unwind.

My brains get no such thanks.

I had hoped to wake up this morning refreshed and ready for another week of work, but no. Whatever I was dreaming about, it cannot have been good. I woke up, half an hour early, curled up in staggering tension. Not in fear, or panic, or anything one might get from a nightmare, but rather the kind of tension that you find yourself in when you know something is about to kick off, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it, that tense, wary, ready to hurt something tension that you can feel up and down your spine and across your shoulders.

So much for relaxed and refreshed. Still, if anyone tries anything on the tube, I’ll be ready.

Bastard brains.

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