“Don’t Need No Freaky-Deaky Fractal Geometry”

You know what’s sexy? Confident people having fun.

I mention this because I am back from the Alabama 3, and this description applies to the band, the dancing girls on stage, and the crowd of people I was dancing with in the audience.

It was a very good gig. Country and Gospel music for a chemical generation, this is the cleverest dance music I know. If the KLF have successors, the Alabama 3 are very much it[1], only they’ve gone one better. The KLF were just very clever. A3, on the other hand, put a bit of soul and passion into what they do, and it pays off all the better for it.

I was idly thinking about another music type that sounds like it’s basically a weld of late 80s/early 90s dance and another genre (goth) – EBM (and I’m sure a few people are about to leap on me for that generalisation, but I don’t really care) and how the A3’s brand of music really shows that lot up as a bit basically joyless. Something to come back to another time, perhaps. The important thing is that D. Wayne and Larry and their friends preached a very fine gospel tonight, and I for one am quite prepared to shut down my chakras and shift Shiva offa my shelf. Yes indeed.

[1] And I note the most of the serious KLF fans I know are also A3 fans…

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