Design 2.0

Web 2.0 isn’t even properly here yet, and already I’m bored of the design style. I mean, I know that design goes in trends, and by late 2006, all the new launching stuff will look different, but I’m now heartily sick of sites with a white/cream background, and then pale blue, green and orangeused as colour indicators.

I’m sick of titles being in a slightly oversized blue font. Actually, I’m just sick of everything being slightly oversized. I’m sick of tag clouds, even though I know they’re here to stay. I’m sick of form elements that turn pastel yellow on selection.

One of the things I like about the web is the infinite variations on design, but thanks to the cleverness of a very few sites (Flickr and the 37 signals family of tools, it seems like everyone with a bit of Ajax-enabled software is using the same bloody colours all the damn time. Can we have some web 2.0 things that look different, please?

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